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Physical Inventory: Documents 


All the information relevant to a physical inventory is stored in a physical inventory document. This also contains information as to the current status of the physical inventory and is the document on which the physical inventory history is based. The documents form the basis for the physical inventory history.


Data Contained in Physical Inventory Documents

A physical inventory document comprises a header and one or more items and contains the following data:


Header data


Location of the physical inventory


Date of the physical inventory


Status information


Item data


Article information


Stock types


Batch or valuation type, if applicable


Quantities and values

Creation of a Physical Inventory Document

The following options exist for creating a physical inventory document:

  • You can create it manually

You enter the articles to be counted. This method is recommended if only a few articles are to be inventoried.

  • You can run a batch input session

You enter a number of criteria to enable the system to determine the items to be counted. These include organizational levels and article numbers. You can also define whether you wish articles to be counted that have already been counted in the current fiscal year. The system then creates one or more physical inventory documents with those items that match the criteria entered. This method is recommended if a large number of articles is to be inventoried.

  • You can enter physical inventory data using handheld readers (PDC units)

If physical inventory data is entered via portable data capture, the data can be transferred to the SAP system using a special program. This can process records for which an open physical inventory document exists and also records for which no physical inventory document has been created.