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 Value Dates 


Value dates are the number of days that elapse between the posting date of the payment run and the value date at the bank.

Value dates are used by the payment program in two different ways:

  • The payment program adds the number of days needed for the payment to be debited from your account to the posting date of the payment run and thereby establishes the value date of the payment. This date is noted in the payment document. Such information is particularly important for the Cash Management and Forecast application. If no value dates are determined, the posting date of the payment run is selected as a value date.
  • In addition, the payment program needs the value dates to check the available amounts. See the topic
Available Amounts.

You define the value dates either based on your experience of previous payments made with that payment method, bank account, payment amount and currency (see the figure below), or you can allow the value date to be determined automatically by the system, which will use a bank calendar and individual agreements with the bank as decision criteria.

Payments that are made by transfer are debited from your bank account on the next day. This occurs regardless of the amount. That means that for payments made with this payment method, the money must be available the next day. For this payment method, you should enter

1 in the field Days to value date (see the figure above). The period within which a check is cashed can be dependent on the amount. For amounts of up to 5,000 USD, the time between the posting date and the value date is three days. For all other amounts, the value date is within two days of the posting date (see the figure above).