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Access Sequences 


An access sequence is a search strategy that the system uses to find valid data for a particular condition type. It determines the sequence in which the system searches for data. The access sequence consists of one or more accesses. The sequence of the accesses establishes which condition records have priority over others. The accesses tell the system where to look first, second, and so on, until it finds a valid condition record. You specify an access sequence for each condition type for which you create condition records.

There are some condition types for which you do not create condition records (header discounts that you can only enter manually, for example). These condition types do not require an access sequence.

A sales department may offer customers different kinds of prices. The department may create, for example, the following condition records in the system:

  • A basic price for a material
  • A special customer-specific price for the same material
  • A price list for major customers

During sales order processing, a customer may, in theory, qualify for all three prices. The access sequence enables the system to access the data records in a particular sequence until it finds a valid price. In this example, the sales department may want to use the most favourable price for a certain customer. For this reason, it ensures that the system searches for a customer-specific price. The following figure shows how the system searches for the relevant record.


Access Sequences in the Standard R/3 System

The standard R/3 System contains access sequences that are predefined for each of the standard condition types. The names of the access sequences often correspond to the condition types for which they were designed. For example, the access sequence for a material discount (condition type K004) is also called K004.

Creating and Maintaining Access Sequences

You create and maintain access sequences in Customizing. For more information, see the online Implementation Guide for Sales and Distribution.

To reach the access sequence screen, go to the initial screen for Sales and Distribution Customizing and choose:

  1. Basic Functions
® Pricing ® Pricing Control ® Define access sequences

Select the transaction that you want to execute (Maintain access).