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Define Scope of Planning for Total Planning

In this IMG activity, you define the scope of planning and the sequence of the organizational units to be planned. These are either plants or, if you have converted MRP to MRP at MRP area level, the MRP areas that you plan together in a total planning run.

You enter the key for the planning run in the initial screen of the total planning run. The total planning run then carries out MRP for the plants or MRP areas defined in the scope of planning.

You can enter as many plants or MRP areas as you like in the scope of planning. You can also only enter one MRP area. MRP is then only carried out for one MRP area.

If you have activated MRP for MRP areas, when you enter a plant, this includes all MRP areas of this plant.


1. Choose New entries.
2. Enter a key and a description for the scope of planning that you would like to define. Save your entries.
3. Select the scope of planning and choose Sequence of plants/MRP areas.
4. Choose new entries and enter the plants or the MRP areas in the sequence in which they are to be planned. The counter determines the sequence.
5. Save your entries.

Further Notes

  • You can carry out the total planning run for the scope of planning online or in background mode. The planning run, however, must always be started with parallel processing.
  • Planning file entries created via stock transfer are automatically taken into account in the planning run. This ensures that a material is also correctly planned in all plants affected even in the case of stock transfer processing.