Net Requirements Calculation 

The net requirements calculation is carried out in MRP in the planning run and at plant level. The system checks whether it is possible to cover requirements with the available warehouse stock and fixed receipts already planned. In the case of a shortage the system creates an order proposal.

Process Flow

The net requirements calculation is carried out per plant in three steps: The system determines the available plant stock, scheduled receipts and then the shortage quantity.

  1. The net requirements calculation first calculates the available warehouse stock. For all storage locations which belong to this plant and which are not excluded from materials planning or are planned separately, the following stocks are grouped together to form plant stock:
  2. · Unrestricted-use stock

    · Stock in quality inspection

    · Unrestricted-use consignment stock

    · Consignment warehouse stock in quality inspection

    Additionally, you can set Customizing to include stock in transfer, blocked stock and restricted-use stock for batches in the plant stock.

  3. The system also takes all the goods issues and receipts for a material into account. Receipts are, for example, planned orders or purchase requisitions and issues are, for example, customer requirements, planned independent requirements, or reservations.
  4. Therefore, the system checks to make sure that for each issue date, the requirement is covered by one or several receipts or by warehouse stock. If this is not the case, the system then calculates the shortage quantity. The quantity to be produced or procured is calculated during lot-sizing (see Lot-Sizing Procedures).

The net requirements calculation supports the following types of planning:Reorder point planning, forecast-based planning, material requirements planning (MRP). In each procedure, the system calculates the available stock differently. See the following sections for more information:

Net Requirements Calculation for MRP

Net Requirements Calculation for Reorder Point Planning

Net Requirements Calculation for Forecast-Based Planning

Gross Requirements Planning