List of Sales Documents 


You can use this function to list sales documents (e.g. quotations or orders) for a sold-to party and/or material within a specific period of time. You can decide whether this is for all sales documents or only for the open sales documents.

There are various reasons for setting up a list of sales documents, for example:


The following indexes must be switched on in Customizing for Sales and Distribution under Sales and Distribution ® Sales ® Lists.


The ABAP List Viewer functions are available in this list. You can find further information on list processing under CA ABAP List Viewer.

Using the list you can implement so-called mass changes for several sales documents:

In order, for example, to implement new Pricing for several sales documents, select the corresponding sales documents and choose Edit ® Mass change ® New pricing

If you want to make a change which refers to items (for example, a new plant or a new material), you have to choose a display variant, which lists the items in the sales document. To change the display variants, choose Settings ® Display variants.


Depending on the sales documents that you would like to list, choose the following menu paths:

In the Sales Support screen

Sales Promotions

Sales promotions ® List

Sales activity

Sales activities ® List

In the Sales screen


Inquiry ® List


Quotation ® Lists ® List of quotations

Sales orders

Choose Order ® Lists ® List of sales orders

Scheduling Agreements

Outline agreement ® Scheduling agreement ® List


Outline agreement ® Contract ® Lists ® List of contracts

In the Shipping screen

Outbound deliveries

Outbound delivery ® List ® Outbound Delivery Monitor

In the Billing screen

Billing document

Billing document ® List billing documents

Alternatively you can call up the reports from the report tree under Sales and distribution ® Sales or Sales and distribution ® Billing.