Incompletion Control for SD Documents

Instructions for Incompletion Status in Dangerous Goods Management

When you define a dangerous goods check schema, you assign one or more check methods to it.

For each check method you specify:

If you have set the 'Document block' indicator in the IMG activity Define dangerous goods check schema , the incompletion status is set in the delivery document and the 'dangerous goods' lock indicator is set in the transport document.

The V50UC-DGOODS1 and V50UC-DGOODS2 fields are used to define an incompletion status. The V50UC-DGOODS1 field is taken into account by the system if the 'document block' indicator is set in Customizing. The V50UC-DGOODS2 is taken into account by the system if saving the document is not permitted.

To ensure a consistent run, the V50UC-DGOODS1 field must be assigned to an incompletion status that allows saving the delivery as a follow-up activity.
Note: When defining the corresponding status group, the 'delivery' indicator must NOT be selected.

For consistent data, the V50UC-DGOODS2 field must be assigned to an incompletion status that prevents saving the delivery or the transport as a follow-up activity.
Note: When defining the corresponding status group, the 'delivery' or 'transport' indicator MUST be selected.

Check that you can adopt status groups G1 and G2 that are delivered in standard Customizing. For example, status group G1 can be assigned to the V50UC-DGOODS1 field, and status group G2 can be assigned to the V50UC-DGOODS2 field.

Instructions for the Sales and Distribution IMG

In the following IMG activities, you define when a sales document or sales activity should be regarded as incomplete and how the system should respond when you create a document.

The system can make an entry in the incompletion log for the following data:


Note that different procedures can be assigned to the partners in the documents if they have different partner functions. However, the required data for a partner function is relevant for all procedures.

You can generate entries for texts and prices in the incompletion log although there may not be a procedure defined for this:

The system only makes an entry for texts if it is marked as obligatory in the text determination settings.

Entries for pricing can be made in the sales document if the PRSOK field in the incompletion procedure for sales items is copied and set to blank or zero in pricing. This is used for obligatory prices that are not available in the document, or for errors that occur when converting quantities and foreign currencies.

The CEPOK field in the incompletion procedure for sales items allows you to make an entry in the incompletion log if the price deviates from the expected customer price too much.

Special features in the incompletion log for shipping processing

Dynamically determined document characteristics:

During document processing, the system determines field entries in the procedure with the prefix (table name) 'V50UC'. Unlike other cases, these entries do not correspond to a missing entry in a database table but, similar to pricing, indicate complex document characteristics. This kind of incompletion cannot necessarily be processed by filling an empty field. For example, the log may indicate that the batches of an item have not been assigned completely, so you may have to change the main item quantities or the split quantities.

Follow-up activities that you can control:

You can use the incompletion log to control follow-up activities such as picking, goods movement (posting goods issue), and packing (deliveries only).

If the incompletion log determines for a delivery that the follow-up function 'delivery' is not possible, you cannot save the document. This delivery is not included in collective processing and the collective processing log contains information to that effect.


For example, the standard system checks whether the "purchase order number" field at header level in an order is complete.

This field is used in the incompletion procedure for orders. The procedure is assigned to all those sales document types which need a purchase order number and which therefore should be checked for completion.

If you do not enter any data in this field when processing a sales document you will receive a warning.

The order can be saved but its status group means that it will be blocked for all subsequent functions. Once you have entered the purchase order number in the document, the block will be lifted.

The relevant specifications for warnings and blocks are defined in the purchase order number field in the incompletion procedure.

Note on transport interface

In the transport, all objects which were maintained in Customizing for controlling incomplete documents are transported. In the correction which is created for the transport, you can check the transport orders in the tables and delete the entries which should not be transported.