Selecting Items, Tasks and Activities 

  1. Choose Logistics ® Plant maintenance ® Maintenance processing.
  2. The Maintenance Processing screen is displayed.

  3. Choose the required function:
  4. Function

    Menu path

    Select items

    Notifications ® List of items ® < Change/Display>

    Select tasks

    Notifications ® List of tasks ® < Change/Display>

    Select activities

    Notifications ® List of activities ® < Change/Display>

  5. Enter the criteria according to which you want the system to search for the items, tasks or activities in the fields provided.
  6. The selection is performed in exactly the same way as described in Working With Lists.

    You use the selection criteria Reference field for monitor to determine which criteria the monitor column refers to in the list that is to be generated.

  7. When you have made all the necessary entries, choose Program ® Execute or, if you want the list printed out, Program ® Execute and print.

A list is displayed, that contains all maintenance notifications that meet the specified criteria.


From here you can do the following:

If you want to display or process data of the notifications, items, tasks or activities, call up one of the available menu functions. You call up the notification data screens with the menu Goto, and the functions for processing the notification with the menu Notification.

The monitor column shows which notifications, items, tasks or actions are escalating, meaning which notifications, items, tasks or activities should already be in process or completed by now, but are not. The notifications, items, tasks or activities with a red light are critical and should be processed as top priority.