SD Processing with Down Payments 

  1. Sales order:
  2. In the initial screen, choose Logistics ® Sales and Distribution ® Sales and enter an order.

    Enter the customer and material data.

    Choose Goto ® Header ® Billing plan.

    The planned down payment requests with deadlines are automatically proposed via the settings in Customizing, previously described. You have a billing block. The document is blocked against billing but once you have removed the block and saved the sales order, the system creates a billing index for down payment requests.

  3. Down payment request:
  4. Choose Logistics ® Sales and Distribution ® Billing ® Billing document ® Create.

    Enter the sales order number and save. The resulting billing document is a down payment (billing type FAZ).

    This document can be printed and sent to the customer.

    The document is automatically transmitted to Financial Accounting, where it generates a noted item in the relevant customer account.

    The down payment requests in the customer billing document have status C (completely billed).

  5. Down payment
  6. Choose: Accounting ® Financial accounting ® Accounts receivable ® Postings ® Down payment ® Down payment:

    Enter the following data:

    Document date

    Customer number and special G/L indicator A (down payment)

    Bank account number (e.g. 113100)

    Down payment amount

    Choose Requests.

    The system lists the down payment requests. Choose the one you require and save it. The down payment amount must match the amount in the down payment request exactly. The system then creates the down payment.

    The down payment requests are displayed as cleared in the document flow for the sales order.

    The noted items in the customer account which were generated by the down payment requests become cleared posts.

  7. Invoice with down payment clearing

The billing plan for the sales order contains billing-relevant deadlines. As soon as you remove the billing block, the billing process starts, which clears the completed down payments.

Choose: Logistics ® Sales and Distribution ® Billing ® Billing document ® Create.

Enter the sales order number and choose Enter. When you select the invoice, both the billing item and the down payment item for clearing are displayed.

The down payment item contains the down payment amount still to be cleared. You can also change this amount. The remaining down payment for clearing will then be proposed in the next invoice.

You can print the invoice and send it to the customer. In the down payment item, the customer can see how much he should subtract from the invoice total before paying it.

Postings made to the relevant general ledger account in Financial Accounting reduce the down payments left to be cleared.