AS/400 Printing: AS/400 Print Commands  

Here is a brief description of some commands that are frequently used for printer administration on AS/400.

CRTDEVPRT (Create a Printer Device Description)

Use this command to create an AS/400 device description. The device description contains the printer type, information about how the printer is connected to the AS/400, and a number of other parameters.

CRTOUTQ (Create Output Queue)

Before being passed to the printer, spool files are stored in an output queue. The definition of an output queue contains information such as the name of the output queue and the type of printer connection.

STRPRTWTR (Start a Printer Writer)

This command assigns a printer to an output queue. When you run this command, spool files previously stored in an output queue are passed to the printer.

STRRMTWTR (Start a Remote Writer)

Use this command to assign a remote printer to an output queue. Spool requests are then passed to the specified host (to which the printer is connected).

WRKWTR (Work with Writers)

The options provided by this command allow you to work with printers and spool requests.

WRKOUTQ (Work with Output Queue)

This command allows you to manipulate the contents, status and other parameters of an output queue.