Bank Allocation 

In the Bank allocation function, you specify the references for the banks that can be used in the bill of exchange presentation.

In this table you enter the necessary parameters such as company code, bank group, currency, remaining term, sequence, house bank, and account ID.

  1. Choose Planning ® Bill/ex presentation ® Bank allocation.
  2. You reach the screen Current Settings: Change Bank Allocation for Bill of Exchange Presentation: Overview. Any existing banks are displayed, and the fields House bank and Account ID are activated.

  3. You can change the data in these fields. Choose Edit ® New entries. The system displays an empty table in which you can make the entries for new bank allocations.
  4. To display a list of all the entries, choose the variable list button. The system displays the screen for the print format.
  5. After setting the options you require, choose Format ® Proceed . The system then displays a list of the bank allocations for bill of exchange presentation.