Define Depreciation Areas

In this step, you define your depreciation areas. You can change the definition of the depreciation areas taken over from the standard chart of depreciation. You can also add additional depreciation areas.

You can define depreciation areas for the parallel valuation of fixed assets for a particular purpose. This is done using "real" depreciation areas and derived depreciation areas. The values in the derived depreciation area are calculated from the values of two or more real areas, using a formula you define. The system does not permanently store the values from the derived depreciation area. They are determined dynamically at the time of the request. Otherwise, derived depreciation areas have the same system functions as real areas. Most important, they can be evaluated in the same way, and posted to the general ledger (for example, for showing special reserves).


You must have created at least one

chart of depreciation of your own.

Default settings

The country-specific charts of depreciation (for example, 0US for the USA) contain fully defined standard depreciation areas, for example, for

These standard depreciation areas provide a reference. From the point of view of SAP, this reference meets all requirements for accounting and legal considerations. You always have to copy one of the standard depreciation areas in order to create a new depreciation area. Therefore, you should delete standard depreciation areas only after careful consideration. It is usually better to avoid deleting them, and instead set them to inactive in the asset class.


    1. Check the definition of the depreciation areas that were created by reference to a standard chart of depreciation (in the detail screen).
    2. If necessary, define new depreciation areas, by copying an already existing depreciation area.
    3. Specify the characteristics of your depreciation area in the detail screen:
      a) Specify the type of value management that is allowed.
    4. Check the standard type of the depreciation area.

It is also possible to delete a depreciation area. The depreciation area to be deleted must meet the following requirements:

The system then deletes the selected depreciation area in the chart of depreciation and in the valuation specifications for all affected assets and asset classes.