Organizational Plan 


The component Organizational Plan allows your company to fully display and process its current organizational and reporting structures as well as to plan changes relevant to personnel, in the context of reengineering, for example. You can display and process organizational structures hierarchically or as a matrix.

The design of Organizational Management allows you to display organizational units, positions and their holders and tasks in an organizational plan and to process them according to your requirements.

This gives you an overview of the current status of your organizational and reporting structures and enables you to report on historical data at any time. In addition, you can plan and model future scenarios.

For more detailed information on the basics of Organizational Management, refer to Organizational Management.

Implementation Considerations

If you want to display and model your organizational plan using the Organizational Plan component, you must be:

The areas of work and functions, in contrast to their positions, only appear once in a company.

Planning Ahead

If you are using tasks to describe jobs or positions, you must:

If your organizational plan includes the work centers, you must determine the restrictions or prerequisites for them, for example, a medical examination required for a particular work center. To do this, use the infotype ‘Restrictions’ (1006) in Detail Maintenance.


The component Organizational Plan is an integrated part of Organizational Management and is a planning and modeling tool for the creation of company specific organizational plans.

The component Structural Graphics is also an integrated part of Organizational Management and is a tool for displaying and editing and an extension of the Simple and Detail Maintenance tools.

The information stored in the organizational plan on organizational and reporting structures provide a basis for the use of other Personnel Planning and Development components such as Personnel Cost Planning, Compensation Management, Training and Event Management and SAP Business Workflow.


You can use the following planning tools to create, edit and model your own company-specific organizational plan:

In Simple Maintenance , you can put together a basic framework for your organizational plan. Simple Maintenance contains all the functions you require in order to add objects from Organizational Management to your organizational plan, from creating an organizational structure and determining staff assignments to creating task profiles.

You can reproduce structural or personnel changes within your company by editing the whole organizational plan, substructures or individual organizational objects. You can also use Simple Maintenance to plan future developments by simulating various planning scenarios and comparing them to the current organizational plan.

You use three screens in Simple Maintenance to create organizational structures, staff assignments and task profiles. The information in these screens is presented in a tree structure. This allows you to display the step by step creation of your organizational plan as well as the relationships between the different organizational objects.

See Simple Maintenance

Detail Maintenance also allows you to edit your entire organizational plan. You use Detail Maintenance to describe objects from your organizational plan in more detail with the help of attributes (infotypes). You can create, edit, display, delete, and list all infotypes allowable for the object.

You can jump from the different screens in Simple Maintenance directly in to Detail Maintenance.

See Detail Maintenance