Purchasing Information System: Statistical Set Up 


As of 3.0A you can perform a statistical set up in the Purchasing Information System. To do this, use reports RMCENEUA and RMCVISCP.

Description of report RMCENEUA

The report RMCENEUA processes the archived as well as the system- residing documents. The report reads the documents that are selected in the selection screen and triggers the statistical set up.

Description of the selection parameters

Description of the report RMCVISCP

The report RMCVISCP is designed to copy or delete versions, under
which statistical data has been saved. The data version "000" contains the so-called actual data, that is, the data which is written was written into the information structure by

statistical update process. The versions that begin with "&(" are designed to store temporary results, which are created when statistically setting up an info

Planning data is stored under all other versions.

The statistical set up of an information structure is carried out as the online update, the difference being that the data is not first

written into the "000" version, but rather into any version that beings with "&(". Only after completion are the data copied into this version.

Description of the selection parameters

Installation information

It is recommended that you let the report run in the background for the statistical set up of the Purchasing Information System. In addition, before starting the set up, you should save the actual data that was in the information structures until now in another version (report RMCVISCP).

Changes in procedure

In order to execute the statistical data set up, procede as follows:

    1. From the main menu, select System -> Services -> Reporting
    2. Carry out the programs in the following sequence:
      a) RMCVISCP: Copy the actual data that is in the system (recommendation)
      b) RMCVISCP: Delete the version in which the documents are to be set up.
      c) RMCENEUA: Statistical set up of the purchasing documents.
      d) RMCVISCP: Copy the set up data into the actual data.

Further notes