Phrase Management: Process 


See Phrase Management.


See also: Import and Export: Process

In the R/3 Product Safety component, you can create phrase groups by choosing Tools ® Current Settings.

Process flow

See also: Function Model for Phrase Management

  1. You can carry out the following activities in the initial Phrase management screens:

The R/3 System enables you to define further search functions as user exits.

If you process or create phrases with engineering change management, you must enter a change number on the initial screen.


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Phrase Search


Searching for Phrases


Phrase Engineering Change Management


Creating Phrases

  1. The results of the search are displayed in the hit list. In the hit list, you then process the phrases further, and create new ones.




Editing the Phrase Hit List

  1. When creating a phrase on the initial screen or from the hit list, you first enter the data for the phrase header.

In the phrase header, you can create references from phrases in the active phrase library to phrases in the passive phrase library.

From the hit list, you can copy an existing phrase as a template.


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Phrase References


Editing the Phrase Header
Copying Phrases

  1. Phrase items enable you to create phrase texts of any length, revise phrase codes and comments, and enter file names for graphics in predefined languages.

You specify the languages and the sequence of languages in the phrase items in language selection.

In phrase set assignment, you assign phrases to phrase sets to enable phrases to be used as values for substance characteristics.


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Phrase Items


Editing Phrase Items
Editing the Language Selection


Phrase Set Assignment


Assigning Phrase Sets

  1. The following functions are only available for existing phrases:

You can merge phrases if you import a more recent version of a passive phrase library. You can

If you want to select one representative phrase for several similar phrases, choose combine phrases.

Changes made to phrase texts and codes in the R/3 System are logged in the phrase history.

Before you delete phrases, you should use a where-used list to check if the phrases are used as substance characteristic values or in a substance report. How and if phrases are deleted depends on whether phrases are used or not, and whether they belong to the active or passive phrase library.


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Phrase Merge


Merging Phrases


Phrase Combination


Combining Phrases


Phrase History


Displaying Phrase History


Phrases: Where-Used List
Phrase Deletion


Creating Where-Used Lists for Phrases

Subsequent processes


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Export and Import



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Phrase set management