Goods Receipts for Purchase Orders - General 

If your company uses the MM Purchasing component, deliveries from vendors are most likely the result of purchase orders initiated by the purchasing department.

The purchase order is not only the document with which the purchasing department orders goods from the vendor; it is also an important planning and tracking tool for the following departments: Purchasing, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Inventory Management, and Invoice Verification.

Reference to a Purchase Order

If a material is delivered for a purchase order, it is important for all of the departments involved that the goods receipt entry in the system references this purchase order, for the following reasons:

Why Should You Refer to the Purchase Order?

How Do You Find the Correct Purchase Order?

The purchase order number is usually listed on the delivery note, which is attached to the ordered goods and passed on by the vendor to the goods receiving point.

If the purchase order number is not on the delivery note, you can search in the system for the purchase order that initiated the delivery using the material number or vendor number (see Entering a Goods Receipt for a Purchase Order).

Destination of the Goods

Ordered goods can have the following destinations:




If material is intended for the warehouse, the orderer can define a storage location for it. This storage location is then automatically proposed by the system during entry of the goods receipt, and you can accept or change it. If no storage location is entered in the purchase order, you must define a storage location when you enter the goods receipt.

Goods receipts for the warehouse can be posted to three different stock types:

It can already be defined in the purchase order whether or not the material is to be posted to stock in quality inspection. However, at the time of goods receipt you decide to which stock type the material is posted.


If the material is intended for consumption (order items with account assignments), the Purchasing department can specify a recipient or an unloading point. Both specifications are then automatically proposed by the system during entry of the goods receipt. You can still change the unloading point when you enter the goods receipt, but you cannot change the recipient.

Goods Receipt Blocked Stock

You can conditionally accept a delivery. You record such deliveries in goods receipt blocked stock. Unlike goods receipts to the warehouse, the receipts posted to the goods receipt blocked stock are not yet part of the valuated stock.

For the most part, goods receipts into the warehouse and into consumption are posted using the same movement type (see Entering a Goods Receipt for a Purchase Order). Goods receipts into goods receipt blocked stock are explained in Goods Receipts Into Goods Receipt Blocked Stock.