Absence Quotas Infotype (2006) 

You can use infotype 2006 to enter absence quotas for employees.

Certain absences in the HR system may only be taken by employees if they have been explicitly assigned absence quotas with specific time periods for these absence types. These can be quotas for:

When you enter an absence type with quota deduction, the system checks the existing quotas. The absence record can only be stored if sufficient quotas are available. The system automatically updates the quotas.

You determine in Customizing which absence types may be used if enough quota exists.

You can set up absence quotas for fixed clock times and for hours or days. You can also assign quotas that allow employees to deduct a particular number of hours within a specific time interval.

Absence quotas can be accumulated automatically. This, for example, can be leave that is accumulated only if an employee performs certain work.
Absence quotas can also be accrued through attendance quotas for which an employee receives time off as compensation. This can be defined in the Overtime comp. type field in the
Attendance Quotas infotype (2007) .

You cannot manually change absence quotas that have been accumulated automatically.

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