Cost distribution for miles/kms flat rate 


In the same way that it is possible to distribute the costs for entire trips, stopovers and receipts, as of release 3.0f it is possible to set up distribution of costs for miles/kms entries.

Change system parameters in customizing

The coding block in the new cost distribution mask for miles/kms distribution can be structured variably in the IMG. In the path "Personnel administration and accounting" --> "Travel" --> "Dialog and accounting control" --> "Screen layout for trip data entry" and in the function " Set up variable screen layout for coding blocks " a new entry has been created: "Coding block: Cost distribution of miles/kms distrib.of a trip", which allows screen modification for this coding block.

Changes to the interface

In the masks: "Fast entry",

"Framework data of a trip",

"Trip receipts",

"Receipt entry",

"Trip deductions",

"Trip advances",

"Trip stopovers",

"Trip history" and

"User data of trip"

the application tool bar was changed as follows: the "Trip status" text for the "Trip status" pushbutton was removed; the button now only has the status symbol.

In the above masks and also the mask "Trip status", the pushbutton "Miles/kms distribution" with a truck symbol was added after the "Destinations" pushbutton. The trip "Miles/kms distribution" mask is now not only accessible via the menu bar path "Extras" --> "Miles/kms distribution" in the above masks but also directly via pushbutton.

The "Miles/kms distribution" mask is also accessible via pushbutton and menu bar from the new "Cost distribution for miles/kms flat rate" mask.

Changes in procedure

Cost distribution for miles/kms distribution functions in the same way as cost distribution for entire trip, destinations and receipts. Cost distribution for miles/kms distribution is called from the miles/kms distribution mask via:

a) the new menu entry "Extras" --> "Cost distrib.miles/kms"

b) the new "Cost distrib.miles/kms" pushbutton

c) double-click with mouse on the miles/kms distribution that is to

be distributed for costs.

Unlike receipts, the costs for miles/kms distribution can only be distributed to different cost centers by percentage. The same as for receipts, however, simply by entering the number of a destination - without further entries - you can distribute the costs according to this destination's cost distribution.

Procedure for removing dataset errors

The accounting program RPRTEC00 which also has been changed for release 3.0F can process both new trips created in 3.0F and old trips which were created before this release.

Note, however:

All distances which have not been manually assigned to a destination are automatically assigned to a destination according to the midnight rule and possibly already have an existing destination distribution.

Caution: This is especially true of trips which were recorded before release 3.0F and are going through accounting again.