Communication (Infotype 0105) 

Employees’ communication IDs are stored in the infotype Communication (0105) .

An employee’s communication ID is valid for a certain type of communication (e.g. R/3 System, Internet). The standard system contains the following communication types:

The key for the subtype in the active R/3 System must always correspond to the subtype key that you entered in Customizing for Personnel Management under menu path Global Settings for Personnel Management ® Indicate Active Communication System.

The infotype Communication (0105) performs the following tasks:


Here, you enter the communication type (e.g. R/3 System, Internet) and the employee’s communication ID for the communication type.

Subtype 0011 (Credit card numbers)

You must store the employee’s credit card number in the system for credit card clearing so that items booked on a credit card can be assigned to personnel numbers.

Because subtype 0011 (Credit card numbers) has time constraint 3, several entries can be available at any one time. This can be especially useful if an employee has several credit cards (or credit cards from different credit card companies).

To distinguish different credit card companies’ cards from each other, the first two positions of the field ID/number have been defined with an ID code that corresponds to the individual credit card companies.

These identification codes are: