Storage Location MRP 

The planning run for materials is carried out at plant level. This means, the system includes the stocks of the individual storage locations in the total plant stock.

However, when maintaining the material master record, you can either exclude certain storage locations of a material from the planning run or you can also instruct the system to plan certain storage locations separately. In so doing, the stocks of the flagged storage locations are treated as a special case in the planning run. The following options are available:

The system creates an order proposal for the amount of the replenishment quantity or for a multiple of the replenishment quantity so that the stock level exceeds the reorder level again. Existing firmed receipts for the storage location are also taken into account (similar to the reorder point procedure at plant level). In the planning run, stocks that lie in storage locations which are planned separately are not contained in the available stock at plant level.

Several options are available for procuring stock for storage locations that are planned separately: either via a stock transfer from the plant or via a special procurement. If a receipt element (planned order, purchase requisition, purchase order, production order, and so on) or an issue element (reservation, sales order) refers to a special storage location (one that is either excluded from the planning run or one that is planned separately), then these elements are not taken into account at plant level.



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