Social Security System (SSS) 


In compliance with Philippine legal requirements, Release 4.5A of the Payroll Accounting application for the Philippines enables you to process the following statutory SSS contributions and deductions:

All SSS calculations are based on the employee's total earnings before tax. The total earnings are compared against salary ranges, employer and employee contribution amounts provided by the SSS in contribution tables. The entries in these tables can be found in Customizing in the view SSS Contribution Table (V_T7PHSC), and should only be adjusted if the SSS adjusts the contribution amounts.

The standard system enables you to calculate contributions based on percentages or on salary brackets. It also facilitates monthly and quarterly reporting.

Social security details for each employee are maintained and stored in the infotype Social Security Philippines (0422).

Change system parameters in customizing

To configure SSS contributions, maternity and sickness benefits, refer to the following steps in Customizing:

Define SSS Contributions Salary Brackets
Define SSS Benefits Salary Brackets