Define SSS contributions salary brackets

In this step, you set up the social security contribution brackets for the following contribution types:

Each salary bracket comprises the salary credit and the employer and employee contribution amounts.


CT Brkt Max Sal Sal Cred ER Cont EE Cont

SS 1 1.249,99 1.000,00 50,70 33,30
SS 2 1.749,99 1.500,00 76,00 50,00
SS 3 2.249,99 2.000,00 101,30 66,70

Standard settings

The standard system contains salary brackets and social security contributions provided by the SSS (Social Security System) and valid at the time of creation. These figures have been set up as default values.

If the SSS changes the salary brackets, you must ensure compliance by modifying the default values accordingly.


    1. Check if the salary brackets set up in the system comply with the current figures issued by the SSS.
    2. If you need to make changes, delimit the validity dates of the existing record and create a new record.

Further notes

You must never modify an existing record as this may generate errors in SSS calculations.