Changing the Garnishment Document Information 


  1. Choose Human resources ® Personnel management ® Administration, and then Maintain master data.
  2. The Maintain HR Master Data screen appears.

  3. Enter the employee’s personnel number.
  4. In the Infotype field, select Garnishment Document (0194).
  5. Choose Goto ® Maintain overview.
  6. The List Garnishment Document (Infotype 0194) screen appears.

    For information on how to use the List Garnishment Document screen, see Using the List Screen.

  7. Select the case with the desired garnishment and choose Edit ® Change.
  8. The Change Garnishment Document (Infotype 0194) screen appears.

  9. Choose Edit ® Copy.
  10. The Copy Garnishment Document (Infotype 0194) screen appears.

  11. Make the necessary changes.
  12. Adjust the begin date of the new record, if necessary.
  13. Save your entries.


The garnishment document information is changed.

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