QM: Inspection during Production / Inspection Points / Partial Lots 


The inspection during production has been enhanced considerably in Release 3.0. As a result, you can now assign the respective inspection results to a product during the production process. Especially when you process batches, you can determine which inspections were carried out during production and what the results were for each inspection.

Partial lots

Partial lots describe a partial quantity of a product being produced. The inspection results that were recorded for the respective partial quantity during production are assigned to a partial lot. The partial lot is also used to trigger quantity postings from production.

If batches are used, a partial lot is assigned to a batch. Several partial lots can be assigned to a batch.

Inspection points

Inspection points summarize the inspection results for a certain interval in an operation or phase. An interval can be defined on the basis of time or quantity or it can be freely defined. You can define this in the routing, rate routing or master recipe. For example, in a plan you can specify that an inspection is to be carried out once every hour for a specific operation. In this case, the results of the inspection are recorded every hour.

This is documented for each interval by an inspection point which has inspection results assigned to it. Each inspection point in turn references a partial lot. In this way, the inspection results are assigned to the produced partial quantity.

Batch classification and certificates

The results for a partial lot can be transferred to the batch and used to classify the batch. As a result, the inspection results are directly available for selecting batches in Sales and Distribution (SD).

Furthermore, the inspection results can be used to create quality certificates.