QM: Recording Summarized Results in Tabular Form 


Up to now, summarized inspection characteristics could only be confirmed in the characteristic main screen during results recording. As of release 3.0, you can confirm any inspection characteristics, for which summarized values have to be confirmed, in tabular form in special recording screens in the results recording function.

This method of recording results is particularly advantageous if all the inspection characteristics of the operation are of the same type (for example, confirmation of measured values, confirmation of characteristic attributes, and so on).

The following screens, or "views", are available:

You can call up these various views for recording results in tabular form by means of pushbuttons.

As of Release 3.0, inspection characteristics can also be valuated manually on the tabular recording screens. Up to now, inspection characteristics could only be valuated manually on the characteristic main screen.
To carry out valuation manually, you must first set the indicator for manual valuation ("Man. valuation") in the settings for valuation rule A1. You can find more information on maintaining valuation rules in the Implementation Guide.

Change system parameters in customizing

During results recording, you can call up the various views for recording data in tabular form via pushbuttons (for example, View for Measured Values).
Furthermore, it is possible to preselect a certain recording view which is called automatically during results recording after the inspection characteristics have been imported.

The recording view can be preselected

If a recording view is preselected for the inspection type and in the plan at the operation level, the recording view in the inspection plan has priority.

Refer to " Maintaining inspection types " in the Implementation Guide for further information on how to set the recording view for an inspection type.