Designing Forms with MS Word and MS Excel 


To use the form integration technology, you need both SAPforms and a development environment for electronic forms.

MS Word and MS Excel are examples of such development environments.

You can also design forms in Visual Basic, for example.

In this documentation, it is assumed that you are using Visual Basic. This applies to the application examples in particular.


You need MS Office 97 or higher.

You need the VBScript Engine 2.0 or higher.

You must install SAPforms.

You should be familiar with the basic functions in MS Word and MS Excel.


SAPforms largely consist of ActiveX components. If you are using the SAPforms Designer, these components are addressed directly when the form is generated.

Unlike Visual Basic, the SAPforms Designer cannot be called as an add-in from MS Word and MS Excel. The SAPforms Submit control must be used instead.


Using MS Word

Using MS Excel