Goods Issue 

This section describes how goods are issued from the warehouse using the SAP Warehouse Management (WM) application.

A goods issue is defined in WM as a physical outbound movement of goods or materials from the warehouse.


A goods issue is a goods movement that is used to post the internal use of material, the issuing of material and the shipment of goods to a customer. A goods issue results in a decrease of stock in the warehouse.


As shown in the following table, various application components in the SAP System initiate the transfer of goods from Warehouse Management by producing a document on which the goods movement is based. These systems also carry out the necessary checks to determine if the material is available in the warehouse.

Overview of Goods Issue

SAP Application Component

Relevant WM Document

Inventory Management (IM)

transfer requirement

Production Planning (PP-SFC)

transfer requirement

Sales and Distribution (SD)



Goods issues in WM can be based on

In this case, you pick goods for deliveries that are created in SD Shipping.

When you post a goods issue in IM, the system generates transfer requirements that are used as a basis for creating transfer orders.

For 2-step picking, the picking process is divided into 2 separate steps. In the first step, you pick the entire quantity of materials need to fill requests (for example, several deliveries or transfer requirements). During the second step, you divide up the materials and allocate them to match the corresponding requirements.

Automatic Processing

Depending upon entries in the material master record and the way you configure the movement types and picking strategies in WM, you can streamline and optimize picking in your warehouse. In conjunction with the configuration of other SAP application components that are interfaced to WM, there are several options that can initiate automatic processing for goods issues in WM.

The Sales and Delivery (SD) system, for example, can initiate the picking of goods in WM when a delivery is created. In randomly organized warehouses, the system creates one or more transfer order items for each delivery item. Information about the picking process and its status are automatically transferred into the delivery to provide up-to-date information. The picked quantities are then reflected in the delivery items in SD when the transfer order is confirmed in WM.

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