This authorization object checks access to some Basis functions, for example, spool administration and monitoring.

Defined fields

The object defines one authorization field, System administration functions . The possible values for this field are:

System administration

Spool Administration

Authorization for spool administration is controlled in two groups of authorization values. You require authorizations from both groups to execute spool administration.

These groups are:

SAPscript Font Maintenance

TemSe Administration

The TemSe database stores spool request data, background processing job logs and other data that should generally be kept in the system for a short period of time only. These authorizations permit access to the TemSe administration functions, such as consistency checks and reorganization.

Administration of Spool Requests in the Spool Output Control

Authorization to administer spool requests is controlled over two groups of authorization objects or authorization values. The authorizations required depend on whether the administrator should access spool requests from external clients (request client is not the administrator's client).

These authorizations are:




The following values grant a user the authorizations for administration of spool output control. The user can execute all operations in spool output control.

Field Value
System administration SPAD, SPAM, SP01

Additional authorization for S_SPO_ACT (Spool: Activity):

Field Value
Authorization field *
for spool activity
Value for *
authorization check

Additional authorization for S_SPO_DEV (Spool: Device authorization)

Field Value
Spool: Output device *