Report Selection and Display


All the standard reports in Profit Center Accounting were created using either the Report Writer or Report Painter. The normal way to execute and display these standard reports is to choose them from the report tree or report list. When you do this, the system displays the standard selection screen for report selection, which is organized according to business content. Here you enter the desired parameters for the report.

You can also execute standard reports directly from the Report Writer by entering the name of the desired report group. In this case, however, you receive a different selection screen, which is structured according to technical aspects. For more information, see the section Report Groups ® Executing Report Groups in the online documentation Report Writer.

If you define your own Report Writer or Report Painter reports and call these up from the report list or report tree, the selection screen you receive depends on whether the report meets certain criteria for compatibility. If these criteria are met, you receive the selection screen for report selection, otherwise you receive the more technical one. (For more information, see Customizing for Profit Center Accounting.)


The same functionality is available regardless of which selection screen is used. The report (whether defined using the Report Painter or the Report Writer) is then executed in two steps:

These two stages are usually performed one after the other. However, with large volumes of data, the selection phase can take some time. It is therefore possible to execute the selection and output phases separately. This means that the selection stage can be performed in the background or when the system workload is not too high. The selected data is stored as a summarized report in an extract file which you name yourself.

Then you can perform the output at a later time. You should only perform both steps at once if you need to have up-to-the-minute data. Otherwise you should carry them out separately.

The Multiple selection function is only available from the Report Writer selection screen. In this case, it is not necessary to enter your selection on the selection screen. Instead, you choose Report ® Online (or Background) ® Start w/ sel. screen ® Multiple selection. You can find more information about this under Multiple Selection and Varying the Selection and Initial Screen for Multiple Selection.

When you want to execute a report from within the Report Writer, the system first displays the Report Writer or Report Painter selections screen. To reach this, choose Tools ® ( Report Painter ®) Report Writer ® Report group ® Execute.

Then enter the name of the report group and choose either Select, Output or Multiple selection.

For more information, see the section Report groups ® Execute report groups in online manual Report Writer.

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