Daily Work Schedule Report

In this report, you can enter various selection criteria to display specific daily work schedules.

Selection criteria enables you to select a new daily work schedule for an employee, or find a daily work schedule, without knowing its abbreviation.

For example, you get a selection of daily work schedules:

You can also display individual daily work schedules in detail to obtain information on planned working times and break schedules assigned.


  1. Choose Human resources ® Time management ® Administration ® Info system ® Report selection.
  2. The Display Report Tree screen appears.

  3. Choose Work schedule ® Daily work schedule ® Daily Work Schedule.
  4. The Daily Work Schedule report selection screen appears.For more information, refer to The Report Selection Screen section.

  5. Enter selection criteria, if required.
  6. Make a preselection of the data by entering the Personnel subarea grouping (for daily work schedules) or the name of the Daily work schedule.

  7. Choose the Execute function, or if you wish to print, the Execute + print function.
  8. The Daily Work Schedule: Overview screen appears.

  9. To restrict the selection even further, choose Selection ® By content...
  10. The Field Selection dialog box appears. Enter selection criteria as required, Planned working time and Break schedule, for example

  11. Choose Continue.
  12. Another dialog box appears, where you can enter even more specific selection criteria. You can choose from the following functions:


    This function confirms the entries you have made up until now.


    This function limits the selection even further. The selection criterion chosen is then placed after the entry on which you put your cursor.

    Insert line

    This function allows you to insert further selection criteria by adding more lines. The selection criterion chosen is placed after the entry on which you put your cursor.


    This function deletes selection criteria you have previously chosen.

  13. Select Choose.
  14. The system then displays a list of the daily work schedules that match your selection criteria.

  15. If you want to display more detailed information on a specific daily work schedule, place your cursor on the corresponding line and select Choose.
  16. If required, you can also print a list of the selected daily work schedules. Choose Table view ® Print ® Variable list, you can change the contents of the list to according to your specific requirements.

You have now displayed the daily work schedules that match your selection criteria in an overview.