Batch Classification

The R/3 System allows you to classify batches. For example, you can use the batch classification functionality to store specific batch data (such as active substance content, weight, other specifications) not contained in the batch master record. Classification of batches is mandatory if you want to use the batch determination feature.

You can proceed from the following two functions to classify batches:

The option for classifying batches at the time of a goods receipt is configured in the Customizing system of Inventory Management.

Characteristics of a Class

Characteristics are criteria according to which you can search for batches. These characteristics are defined when creating a class. There are two different types of characteristic:

Examples: active substance content, viscosity, color, weight

Examples: goods receipt date, shelf life expiration date, status of the batch

Characteristic Value Assignment

When classifying a batch, you define one or more values for each characteristic.
Example: characteristic color, value blue; characteristic status, value restricted use

If the characteristic is a field from the batch master record, the value of this field is automatically used as the value of the characteristic.

In the framework of batch determination, you can search for batches according to specific values or value intervals.
Example: Find all restricted batches with the color blue whose shelf life has already expired.

Defining the Class of a Batch

Classifying Batches Upon Goods Receipt

Changing Characteristic Values of a Batch