Interface IUser

All Superinterfaces:
IInfoObject, IUserBase

public interface IUser
extends IInfoObject, IUserBase

The IUser interface is used to determine the specific behavior of each user. It is the top level object in the User plugin. property.

Use the IUser interface to change the password settings for a specific user. Use the properties in the BusinessObjects Enterprise secEnterprise PlugIn Library to set the global password options for native Enterprise users. Password options for third-party accounts are set through your external systems.

Field Summary
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deleteNow, getCUID, getDescription, getFiles, getGUID, getID, getKeyword, getKind, getParent, getParentCUID, getParentID, getProcessingInfo, getProgID, getRUID, getSchedulingInfo, getSecurityInfo, getTitle, isDirty, isInstance, isMarkedAsRead, properties, propertyIDs, save, setDescription, setKeyword, setMarkedAsRead, setParentID, setTitle
Methods inherited from interface com.crystaldecisions.sdk.plugin.desktop.user.IUserBase
changePassword, getAliases, getConnection, getEmailAddress, getFullName, getGroups, getProfileString, isPasswordChangeAllowed, isPasswordExpiryAllowed, isPasswordToChangeAtNextLogon, setConnection, setEmailAddress, setFullName, setNewPassword, setPasswordChangeAllowed, setPasswordExpiryAllowed, setPasswordToChangeAtNextLogon, setProfileString