Interface ITxt

All Superinterfaces:
ICategoryContent, IContent, IInfoObject, ITxtBase

public interface ITxt
extends IInfoObject, ITxtBase, IContent, ICategoryContent

This interface contains the mime type identifying it as a text formatted report, and the byte stream to pass to the Response Object so it can be displayed in the proper format on the HTML page.

Methods inherited from interface com.crystaldecisions.sdk.occa.infostore.IInfoObject
deleteNow, getCUID, getDescription, getFiles, getGUID, getID, getKeyword, getKind, getParent, getParentCUID, getParentID, getProcessingInfo, getProgID, getRUID, getSchedulingInfo, getSecurityInfo, getTitle, isDirty, isInstance, isMarkedAsRead, properties, propertyIDs, save, setDescription, setKeyword, setMarkedAsRead, setParentID, setTitle
Methods inherited from interface com.crystaldecisions.sdk.occa.infostore.IContent
getContent, getMimeType, getPluginProcessingInterface
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getCorporateCategories, getPersonalCategories