Interface IServer

All Superinterfaces:
IInfoObject, IServerBase

public interface IServer
extends IInfoObject, IServerBase

The IServer interface manages the server, provides general information on the server, and retrieves the administration library specific to the server kind. Management of the server includes starting, stopping, restarting, enabling, and disabling the server. Information is specific to the server itself as well as the general metrics available in the IServerGeneralMetrics interface. The administration libraries can be used to obtain detailed information on the kind of server, as well as to make calls specific to the management of that server kind.

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Methods inherited from interface com.crystaldecisions.sdk.occa.infostore.IInfoObject
deleteNow, getCUID, getDescription, getFiles, getGUID, getID, getKeyword, getKind, getParent, getParentCUID, getParentID, getProcessingInfo, getProgID, getRUID, getSchedulingInfo, getSecurityInfo, getTitle, isDirty, isInstance, isMarkedAsRead, properties, propertyIDs, save, setDescription, setKeyword, setMarkedAsRead, setParentID, setTitle
Methods inherited from interface com.crystaldecisions.sdk.plugin.desktop.server.IServerBase
getAuditAdmin, getCommunicationProtocol, getFriendlyName, getName, getServerAdmin, getServerDescriptor, getServerGeneralAdmin, getServerID, getServerIOR, getServerKind, getServerName, getSingleSignOnAdmin, isAlive, isDisabled, manageServer, setDisabled