Interface IObjectPackageBase

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public interface IObjectPackageBase

This interfaces represents a top-level container that provides access to the individual BusinessObjects Enterprise components stored within the object package.

Method Summary
 java.util.List getPackageComponents()
           Returns a collection that represents the objects contained in this object package.

Method Detail


public java.util.List getPackageComponents()
                                    throws SDKException

Returns a collection that represents the objects contained in this object package.

If the individual members of a package need to have their plugin or infoObject properties updated, both the enclosing ObjectPackage object and its components need to be retrieved using one query. The most effective way to accomplish this is by retrieving the ObjectPackage object’s CUID and then use the following query:

 set objInfoObject = infoStore.Query(“Select* From CI_INFOOBJECTS Where SI_PARENT_CUID =‘”objPackCUID & “‘ or SI_CUID= ‘” & objPackCUID & “‘ and SI_INSTANCE=0 Order By SI_COMPONENT”)

This query will retrieve both the ObjectPackage object and its components with the ObjectPackage object being Item(1) in the collection. Furthermore, because the Order By clause sorts on the Boolean SI_COMPONENT property, all the objects will be true except the object package itself. Individual items in this collection can then be cast into their respective plugin interfaces and have logon information or parameter information updated prior to scheduling the entire collection.

A List of IPackageComponent objects.
SDKException - This is thrown if the process is unsuccessful.