Package com.sapportals.wcm.protocol.webdav

A collection of utilities and constants common to WebDAV clients and servers


Interface Summary
IInternationalString Represents a String in a particular language (specified using a language tag as defined in RFC1766).
ISimpleMap ISimpleMap is a minimal Map interface.
IWebUriMapper Extends IUriMapper with methods to hide query parameters Copyright (c) SAP AG 2002-2003

Class Summary
AccessURIGenerator Convenience class that creates some frequently used special URIs to be handled by the com.sapportals.wcm.protocol.webdav.server.WDGetHandler Copyright (c) SAP AG 2004-2005
BOMPeekingInputStream Copyright (c) SAP AG 2003
Consts Constants common to both WebDAV clients and servers.
DavConditions Constants for WebDAV pre-/postconditions.
DavMountProvider Experimental support for davmount MIME format (see draft-reschke-webdav-mount).
DavMultiStatus Maps IUriReferences to DavStatus objects.
DavStatus Holds HTTP status, WebDAV conditions and descriptions.
DomBuilder Utility functions for bootstrapping a Document and for parsing it from a stream or a string.
DomElement Utility functions for working with Nodes.
DomSerializer Utility function for serializing the contents of a Document into a String.
ImmutableProperties Immmutable version of Properties Copyright (c) SAP AG 2003-2004
InternationalString Implementation of IInternationalString.
LoopChecker Generic link/bind loop checker.
Name An XML Name, consisting of namespace name and local name.
NewsFeedProvider Simple RSS1.0/Atom provider.
PropertyDescription Holds a property name and a description for the property.
QPCodec Manages Quoted Printable Encoding/Decoding according to RFC 2045 Ch. 6.7 Copyright (c) SAP AG 2001-2004
QualifiedName A qualified and prefixed XML Name, consisting of namespace name, prefix and local name.
SizeConstrainedInputStream Wraps an input stream, implementing a size limit.
UriContext Maps uri references to WCM Paths (RID) in a context of a base Uri.
UriMapper Default implementation of IUriMapper.
UriMetaMap Handles system wide mappings or RIDs to Uris.
WDHttp Maps HTTP codes to ResourceExceptions.
XsdDataTypes Support for XSD data types.

Exception Summary

Package com.sapportals.wcm.protocol.webdav Description

A collection of utilities and constants common to WebDAV clients and servers.

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