Class UserAgentServiceBuilder

  extended by com.sapportals.portal.useragent.UserAgentServiceBuilder

public class UserAgentServiceBuilder
extends Object

The class that represents the user agent service builder. This class provides access to the user agent service.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static com.sapportals.portal.useragent.IUserAgentService getUserAgentService()
          Gets the user agent service.
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Constructor Detail


public UserAgentServiceBuilder()
Method Detail


public static com.sapportals.portal.useragent.IUserAgentService getUserAgentService()
Gets the user agent service. If the service is running in the portal it gets a user agent service, otherwise it returns an instance of the user agent service factory.

the user agent service
Access Rights

This class can be accessed from:

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[] EP-BASIS [] tc/ep/useragent/api api EP-PIN

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