Class DeltaLinkDescriptor

  extended by

public class DeltaLinkDescriptor
extends Object

Delta link descriptor. This class is to be used by state factories in order to create deltalinks. In order to create a deltalink, the state factory has to return a DeltaLinkDescriptor as object in javax.naming.spi.StateFactory.getStateToBind. The link target has to be passed to the constructor. In many use-cases it might be more convenient to create deltalinks using IPcdContext.createDeltaLink(Name,, Name).

Constructor Summary
DeltaLinkDescriptor(Name deltaLinkTarget)
          Creates a delta link descriptor.
DeltaLinkDescriptor(String deltaLinkTarget)
          Creates a delta link descriptor.
Method Summary
 Name getDeltaLinkTarget()
          Returns the delta link target.
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Constructor Detail


public DeltaLinkDescriptor(String deltaLinkTarget)
                    throws NamingException
Creates a delta link descriptor.

deltaLinkTarget - delta link target


public DeltaLinkDescriptor(Name deltaLinkTarget)
Creates a delta link descriptor.

deltaLinkTarget - delta link target
Method Detail


public Name getDeltaLinkTarget()
Returns the delta link target.

delta link target
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