Class WriteProtectInfo

  extended by

public class WriteProtectInfo
extends Object

Provides information if and why the write protect mode is active.

Constructor Summary
WriteProtectInfo(boolean writeProtected, String cause)
Method Summary
 String getWriteProtectCause()
 boolean isWriteProtected()
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Constructor Detail


public WriteProtectInfo(boolean writeProtected,
                        String cause)
writeProtected - describes whether the write protect mode is switched on or not
cause - information describing the cause of the write protect mode
Method Detail


public boolean isWriteProtected()


public String getWriteProtectCause()
Access Rights

This class can be accessed from:

SC DC Public Part ACH
[] EP-BASIS-API [] tc/epbc/pcd/gl/api - EP-PIN
[] EP-BASIS [] tc/epbc/pcd/pars/srvgldeprecated api BC-PIN-PCD
[] EP-BASIS-API [] tc/epbc/pcd/gl/api api EP-PIN
[] KMC-WPC [] tc/kmc/wpc/wpcfacade api EP-PIN-WPC-WCM

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