Interface IDynamicSystemService

public interface IDynamicSystemService

The interface for a service that resolves an alias to a system at runtime.

To get the system for an alias, the system landscape service's getSystemIdmethod is called. This method generally queries the Portal Content Directory (PCD) for the system that was associated with that alias during design time and returns the PCD path to that system.

To resolve an alias during runtime, a system resolving service must be created for that alias. When getSystemId is called, it first checks if a custom service exists for the alias. If one exists, the method calls the resolving service's getAlternativeSystem method to get the system, instead of querying the PCD.

The getSystemId method throws an AmbiguousAliasException when an alias has been both defined in the PCD and registered in the portal registry for dynamic system resolution.

A system resolving service must:

The PRT registration is declared in the registry element of the portalapp.xml for the application that includes the system resolving service. Add an entry that creates a registry context under /runtime/alias.mappers, named for the alias to be resolved, and creates a registry entry with the name of the service. Use the simple name of the service, not the fully qualified name.

For example, the following registers the service my_service so that it is used to resolve the alias my_alias:

 <entry path="/runtime/alias.mappers/<my_alias>" name="<my_service>" type="service"/>

Method Summary
 String getAlternativeSystem( user, String alias)
          Returns the PCD path to the system.

Method Detail


String getAlternativeSystem( user,
                            String alias)
Returns the PCD path to the system. When an alias is to be resolved by a system resolving service, the system landscape service calls this method to get the PCD address of the system for the alias. The user parameter enables an implementation based on the current user.

user - the current user
alias - the system alias
the PCD path of the system
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