Class PCMDataHandler

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public abstract class PCMDataHandler
extends Object
implements IDataHandler

The class that defines methods for loading and saving data in the editor context.
Extend this class to create a custom data handler for your editor for loading initial values into the editor controls, and saving the values entered by the user to the PCD. A data handler, which extends PCMDataHandler, implements loadData and saveData.
To make the data handler accessible to editors defined in other PAR files, the data handler must be defined as a service and implement com.sapportals.portal.prt.service.IService.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary getModifiedPropertyObject(IEditorContext context)
          Gets a property object that has been modified for the specified object.
static Object getPCMObject(IEditorContext context, principal, String objectId, String aspect, Hashtable additionalEnv, PPLogger logger)
          Gets a PCM object.
static getPropertyObject(IEditorContext context, String objectId)
          Gets a property object for the specified object.
 void saveData(IEditorContext ctx, principal, PPLogger logger)
          Saves the edited data for this editor.
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Constructor Detail


public PCMDataHandler()
Method Detail


public static final Object getPCMObject(IEditorContext context,
                                        String objectId,
                                        String aspect,
                                        Hashtable additionalEnv,
                                        PPLogger logger)
                                 throws EditorDataException
Gets a PCM object. If this is the first request for this object in the current request, it loads the object using a lookup in the PCM, and caches it. Otherwise, it gets the object from the cache.
Note: The cache is cleared after each request.

context - the editor context
principal - a security principal
objectId - an object ID
aspect - a PCM aspect
additionalEnv - additional environment parameters to consider when loading this object (or null if there are no such parameters)
logger - a logger for logging messages
the PCM object
EditorDataException - if loading the object fails


public static getPropertyObject(IEditorContext context,
                                                                                                       String objectId)
Gets a property object for the specified object.

context - the current editor context
objectId - an object ID
the property object


public getModifiedPropertyObject(IEditorContext context)
Gets a property object that has been modified for the specified object.

context - the current editor context
the property object


public void saveData(IEditorContext ctx,
                     PPLogger logger)
              throws EditorDataException,
Description copied from interface: IDataHandler
Saves the edited data for this editor.

Specified by:
saveData in interface IDataHandler
ctx - the current editor context
principal - a security principal that saves the data
logger - a logger for sending log messages
EditorDataException - if the data could not be loaded or there are no permissions, an end-user message is presented and read-only mode is set
EditorResourceException - if an error occurs regarding the resource for this editor, the editor framework presents the specified end-user message instead of the regular editor user interface
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