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HCM, SAP E-Recruiting 4


Technical Data

Technical Name of Business Function


Type of Business Function

Enterprise Business Function

Available As Of

SAP enhancement package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0

Technical Usage

ERecruiting on ECC server

Application Component

SAP E-Recruiting (PA-ER)

Other Business Functions You Need to Activate

HCM, SAP E-Recruiting 3 (HCM_ERC_CI_3)

You can use this business function to make the process of recruiting and hiring suitable applicants more efficient and to make it easier to work with SAP E-Recruiting. The business function has the following advantages:

  • Functional enhancements of Applicant Tracking that support recruiters in their daily work

  • Data overviews from the connected HR system for positions, organizational units, and jobs help recruiters to obtain the relevant information they require when creating a requisition.

  • A new registration process for external candidates improves the quality of the data in your Talent Warehouse. During registration and during the application process, unregistered external candidates now have to verify their e-mail address after entering their data, before they can complete their registration or submit their application.

  • New SOA services enable an advanced integration of SAP E-Recruiting with SAP ERP Human Captial Management (SAP ERP HCM) when hiring a candidate, in particular in connection with Talent Management and the processes for Talent Development. Now that the data is transferred automatically during the hiring process, it is no longer necessary for HR administrators to create the data for a new employee again when the employee is hired. This reduces administrative effort and possible sources of error.


  • As of SAP enhancement package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0, the Recruiter and Recruiting Administrator roles are also available in a version for SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC), in addition to the Recruiter 1.51 and Recruiting Administrator 1.51 portal versions. The business function HCM, Roles for SAP NetWeaver Business Client (HCM_NWBC_ROLES) provides you with an overview of all Human Resources roles that are available as of SAP enhancement package 5 in a version for SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC). For more information, see HCM, Roles for SAP NetWeaver Business Client.

  • The business function HCM, Hire Integration 1 (HCM_HIRE_INT_CI_1) enhances the new SOA services of the business function HCM, SAP E-Recruiting 4 (HCM_ERC_CI_4) and provides the corresponding functions for data transfer in SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM).


  • You have installed the following components as of the version mentioned:

Type of Component


Is Needed Only for the Following Features

Software Component


SAP NetWeaver

SAP NetWeaver 7.02

XI/ESR Content



SOA Services for SAP E-Recruiting

XI/ESR Content



SOA Services for SAP E-Recruiting

SAP Process Integration (PI)

SAP PI 7.00, or SAP PI 7.10

SOA Services for SAP E-Recruiting

Portal Content

Business Package for Recruiter 1.51

Portal Content

Business Package for Recruiting Administrator 1.51

  • You have activated the business function HCM, SAP E-Recruiting 3 (HCM_ERC_CI_3). For more information, see HCM, SAP E-Recruiting 3.

  • You have made the required settings in Customizing for SAP E-Recruiting. For more information, see the release note for this business function.


SOA Services for SAP E-Recruiting

In addition to basic data about the candidate to be hired, such as name, date of birth, and contact information, you can use the implementation of this business function to transfer information about the candidate's work experience, education, and qualifications - along with customer-specific fields - from SAP E-Recruiting into the HR system, for example, into SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM).

The new services provide the following advantages:

  • Reduced administrative effort during hiring through the use of existing SAP E-Recruiting data in the HR system

  • Increased data consistency, and reduced errors, through the re-use of existing SAP E-Recruiting data in the HR system

  • More comprehensive data (such as work experience, education, qualifications) and customer-specific fields available for re-use during hiring

In conjunction with this business function, two new asynchronous SOA services are delivered for use in connection with SAP E-Recruiting. The SOA service Request Personnel Hiring Creation (PersonnelHiringERPCreateRequest_Out) enables customers to send data from SAP E-Recruiting for further use, for example, in SAP ERP HCM. On the other hand, the SOA service Change Candidate Master Data based on Personnel Hiring Create Confirmation (PersonnelHiringERPCreateConfirmation_In) can update data in SAP E-Recruiting. For a detailed overview of the new SOA services, see the corresponding release note.

Registration Process and Application Process for External Candidates with E-Mail Verification

The registration process with e-mail verification supports you in improving the quality of data in your database.

With the e-mail verification process, functional enhancements are available for the following roles:

  • Candidate

    Unregistered candidates have to confirm their e-mail address before they can register their details in the Talent Warehouse. To do this, once they have entered the required data on the registration page, candidates automatically receive a confirmation mail at the stored e-mail address. This mail contains the logon data and a link that candidates can use to confirm the e-mail address and thus complete the registration. Candidates that are now registered can then use their user name and password to access their candidate page and all services. For more information, see Registration with E-Mail Verification.

    If unregistered candidates want to submit an application, the candidates are likewise obliged to confirm their e-mail address before they can complete their application and use all services on the candidate page. For more information, see Online Registration of Unregistered Candidates.

  • Recruiter

    The recruiter can use the dashboard query Open Registrations to display the candidates who have not yet confirmed their e-mail address or who have not used the specified period to confirm their e-mail address. The recruiter can send another confirmation mail to these candidates or complete the registration of these candidates on their behalf. For more information, see the documentation for SAP E-Recruiting under Dashboard.

  • Recruiting Administrator

    The recruiting administrator can delete entries from external candidates who have not confirmed their e-mail address within a specific period. By doing so, the recruiting administrator can remove irrelevant data from the database. For more information, see the documentation for SAP E-Recruiting under Delete Unverified Candidates.

Data Overviews for Organizational Data in Requisition Maintenance

In the General Job Information of the requisition, data overviews of the assigned positions and organizational units are available to the recruiter. The data overviews contain information that is stored in the connected HR system for the relevant objects. The data overviews enable the recruiter to create the requisition so that the most suitable candidate can be found.

Applicant Tracking
  • Enhancements to the activity wizard

    In addition to displaying the activities that were created using the process template of the relevant requisition, the activity wizard now displays the activities that were created and are not part of the process template.

    In the activity wizard, the recruiter can recognize activities that were performed automatically by the workflow as they have an appropriate tooltip indicating this.

  • Send request status for correspondence activities

    The recruiter can use the send status to see whether a correspondence was sent successfully. The system displays the send request status of the SAPconnect communication interface as a tooltip in the activity wizard or as a text in the overview of the activity. For more information, see Correspondence.

  • Error handling when sending correspondence to multiple candidates

    If an error occurs (for example, the e-mail address or postal address is not stored in the candidate profile or is stored incorrectly) when sending correspondence to multiple candidates at the same time, the recruiter can jump from the error list directly to the candidate profile of the candidates in question and correct the e-mail addresses or postal addresses. In this way, the recruiter can quickly correct the error and then send the correspondence to these candidates again.

  • Enhancements to the Candidate Assignment List

    The recruiter can decide which assignments SAP E-Recruiting displays in the candidate assignment list on the All tab page. In addition to assignments with the status In Process and To Be Hired, the recruiter can show entries with the status Rejected and Withdrawn. This provides a simpler overview of the assignments for a requisition.

  • Candidate Comparison

    The recruiter can compare the short profiles of candidates in one view. This function is available in the results list of the candidate search, in the list of candidates that are assigned to a requisition, and in the assignment list to a talent group.

  • Assign assignments depending on the source to different processes using a workflow

    Assignments can have different sources. They can be created using an application, manual data entry, or by the recruiter forwarding the candidate, for example. Depending on the source, you can specify to which process the workflow is to assign this assignment when the assignment is created. The recruiter can then view the assignments on the corresponding tab page of the candidate assignment list for the requisition. As well as the sources delivered by SAP in the standard system, you can also include customer-defined sources for your customer-defined scenarios. For more information about the workflow, see Workflow After Status Changes to E-Recruiting Objects in the Candidacy section.

Enhancements for the Candidate
  • E-mail address as alias for the user

    If you use the registration process with e-mail verification, you can specify that the e-mail address stored by the candidate during registration is automatically used as an alias for the candidate's user. In this way, it is no longer necessary for the candidate to create an alias. The system sends the candidate an e-mail with his or her alias together with the confirmation link for the e-mail address. After confirming the e-mail address, the candidate can use his or her e-mail address and password to log on to the system.

  • Store Internet references in the candidate profile

    When creating their candidate profiles, candidates can enter links to their Internet references and thus indicate their involvement in social networks, blogs, their own homepage, or online publications.