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Procedure documentationDefining Characteristic Relationships


Characteristic relationships are used to define a relationship between characteristics with matching contents. For more information, see Characteristic Relationships and Characteristic Relationship for Time Characteristics.


You are on the Characteristic Relationships tab page and have selected the required InfoProvider.


The display mode provides you with an overview of the affected settings and available characteristic relationships. In change mode, you can define the following settings and define new characteristic relationships:

  1. Create a new characteristic relationship by adding a row to the table.

  2. Specify whether you only want combination checks and combination suggestions to be created or whether you also want the target characteristic to be derived from the basis characteristic. Set the flag as required for the combination check and suggestion and with or without derivation.

  3. Select the type of characteristic relationship.

  4. Enter the basis of the relationship. This is different for each type of relationship:

    • Attribute: a master-data bearing characteristic

    • Hierarchy: the hierarchy basic characteristic

    • DataStore: a DataStore object

    • Exit: an exit class

  5. The system shows further settings options depending on the relationship type selected. Depending on the type of step, select the check characteristics or source and target characteristics.

    • If you select without derivation in the step above, you can select check characteristics.

    • If you select with derivation in the step above, you can select source and target characteristics.

  6. The system automatically completes the entries on the Characteristic Relatonships tab. Before you select another InfoProvider or leave the tab page, save the defined characteristic relationship.

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