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Process documentation Workflow for Approving a Requisition 


In SAP E-Recruiting, the Approve Requisition workflow (ERCApprReqWD) enables you to perform a status change to a requisition that requires approval.

You can use this workflow if you have members in the support team of a requisition who are not permitted to release requisitions because of their authorization profile. This is the case, for example, if you have the authorization profile of a restricted recruiter. The restricted recruiter has to request the status change to the requisition from a person in the support team who has the relevant authorization. This person can approve or reject the request. The workflow then informs the requester by e-mail about the result and, if the request is approved, changes the status to Released.


The connection between the triggering event APPROVALREQUESTED and the workflow template is deactivated in the standard system and must be activated.

Process Flow

The following workflow scenario is delivered by SAP as standard.

A member of the support team attempts to change the status of a requisition.

The application checks whether the user has the authorization to change the status. If the user has this authorization, the workflow immediately changes the status. If the user does not have this authorization, then he or she has to request the status change.

The requester selects an approver from the members of the support team with the authorization to change the status of a requisition, and then sends the status change request to this approver.


In the standard system, the requester assigns an approver manually or the system does this automatically. To assign an approver automatically, the system uses the implementation of the BAdI HRRCF00_GET_REQ_APPROVER, which is provided as active. This implementation determines the lead recruiter and checks his or her authorization. If the lead recruiter has the relevant authorization, he or she is returned to the workflow ERCApprReqWD as a processor. Otherwise, the BAdI implementation does not return an approver and the requester has to enter the approver manually.

The following workflow steps are then executed:

  The workflow determines the ID of the requester.

  The workflow determines the name of the requester.

  The workflow determines the e-mail address of the approver to whom the requester wants to send the request.

  The workflow sends an e-mail informing the approver of the request for approval. At the same time, the approver receives a work item in his or her universal worklist (UWL).

  The approver processes the work item. Once the approver has approved or rejected the status change, the workflow resumes and goes to the next workflow step.

  The workflow determines the e-mail address of the requester.

  The workflow sends an e-mail informing the requester of the approver’s decision. If no e-mail address is stored, the requester receives a notification in his or her workflow inbox.

  If the request is approved, the workflow updates the status of the requisition.

The workflow is then finished.

Rule for Determining a Processor

SAP delivers a rule for determining the processor (ERC_REQ_APPV) that the system can use to assign an approver of the requisition. This rule is used to determine the approver if the restricted recruiter has not selected an approver.

The rule determines the lead recruiter for the requisition and checks whether the lead recruiter has the authorization to release the requisition.


This rule is not integrated in the workflow template delivered in the standard system. However, you can include the rule in customer-specific workflow templates.


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