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Procedure documentation Treasury Offset 


The offset programs are a centralized debt collection system developed by Treasury. They are designed to assist agencies in the collection of delinquent debt owed to the Federal Government.


Offset processing in the Federal Government solution comprises two programs. To use them, go to the Public Sector Management section of the Easy Access menu and choose Functions for the US Federal Government ® Payment Processing ® Treasury Offset.


You need to update the Treasury Offset Status for uncleared records that meet the selection criteria. The possible statuses are:

  Eligible for Offset

  Documents with this status are included in the next transmission to Treasury.

  Eligible for Offset, Under Investigation

  Referred to Treasury, Uncollected

  Referred to Treasury, Collected

  1.  To update the status choose Update Report, then enter the following selections as desired (selections marked * are required):

  Document Selection

  Company Code *

  Document Type *

  Document Age Limits in Days*

  Fiscal Year

  Document Number

  Document Date

  Posting Date

  Baseline Date

  Entry Date

  Customer Number

  Key date

The system defaults today’s date, but you can overwrite this.

  Treasury Offset Update

  Baseline Date

  Entry Date

  Date Referred to Treasury

  Treasury Offset Status

  Document Age Limit in Days

  Auto Fill Offset Value

You can specify one of the statuses here. If you do, the report assigns this status to all documents satisfying the selection criteria that have not already been sent.

  Treasury Report on Receivables Reason Code Update

Choose either Auto Update Reason Code or Manually Update Reason Code.

  Delinquency Determination

Enter the number of days beyond the net due date after which a receivable is considered delinquent

  2.  You are now ready to create the offset file. To do this, return to the menu and choose Create File.

  3.  Enter the following selections as desired (selections marked * are mandatory):

  Company Code *

  Key Date

  Document Age Limit in Days*

  Path and Filename*

  Test Run

Check this box if you want to test your entries before actually creating the file.

  4.  Choose Execute.


Your Treasury Offset File is ready for transmission to Treasury.




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