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Component documentationPayroll Chile (PY-CL)


You use this component to run payroll for employees in Chile. In addition to the international processes that apply to all countries, this component covers the specific functions related to Chile and its legal environment.


Components in Human Capital Management

Payroll Chile is integrated with the components Personnel Management and Time Management.

Other SAP Components

Payroll Chile is integrated with Financial Accounting and Controlling, which allow you to pay your employees and evaluate payroll results respectively.


This component allows you to perform the following functions:

  • Generate and evaluate an employee’s net pay.

  • Calculate contributions and taxes.

  • Create legal reports for Chilean social insurance and tax authorities.

  • Create remuneration statements.

To execute the payroll run, you use the Payroll Accounting Program Chile (HCLCALC0). To access this payroll driver, on the SAP Easy Access screen choose   Human Resources  Payroll  Americas  Chile  Payroll  Run Payroll  .

In the standard system, the Chilean payroll driver executes the standard personnel calculation schema CL00.

More Information

For more information about the payroll driver, payroll schemas and the international Payroll Control function, see Payroll Basics (PY-XX-BS).

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