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Appraisers, such as a managers or instructors, can use a separate user interface with Web Dynpro technology for ABAP to complete all the necessary tasks for all people assigned to them for appraisal (such as employees), or for the objects they are supposed to appraise (such as appraisal documents) during the appraisal process. All functions necessary for completing the appraisal process and processing the appraisal documents can be called from this central initial screen.


The Performance Management iView in the Business Package for Manager Self-Service 1.51 is available in the Talent Management workset as a single point-of-entry for managers for the flexible appraisal process.

The necessary Performance Management iView ( is not actively assigned to the manager portal role in the standard system. You must remove the page in the standard system containing the Performance Management ( iView and replace it with the page with the Performance Management iView of the same name (

For more information about the portal role, see the business package documentation. In SAP Library, choose   SAP ERP Central Component   SAP ERP Enhancement Packages   Roles   Business Packages (Portal Content)   Business Package for Manager Self-Service (SAP ERP)   Manager Self-Service 1.51  .


For example, the Web application can include:

  • Worklist

    The personal worklist is the point of entry for periodically recurring tasks for appraisers in the appraisal process. The system generates all created appraisal documents according to the selected worklist settings and displays them in a list. The list also contains information about the current status of the appraisal document and thus provides the appraiser with an overview of the process flow. The manager can trigger the appraisal process from the worklist and carry out the tasks associated therewith for the relevant people or objects. The status and substatus of the appraisal document can be clearly displayed as a tab page or as a link. For more information on the status of an appraisal document, refer to Status Flow Tab Page.

  • You can create appraisal documents for multiple people or objects to be appraised in one single step.

  • You can personalize the appraiser worklist. For example, you can add a substatus for the appraisal document.

  • Current processing information about the online and offline processing of appraisal documents is available to you.

  • The appraisal document is available to you in the worklist in Web Dynpro technology for ABAP.

Note Note

For more detailed information about the personal worklist and settings options, see the documentation. You can also create your own queries with which you can collect people or objects to be appraised according to your personal selection criteria. For more information, see Queries. In SAP Library, choose   SAP ERP   SAP ERP Central Component   SAP ERP Enhancement Packages   Roles   Business Packages (Portal Content)   Business Package for Internal Sales Representative 1.5  

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