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  Attendance/Absence Data Infotype (0436)


This infotype is used to record an employee's time data and send it to ADP if the myERP SAP HCM Time Management module is not implemented.


records linked to the conventional forms of cover (sickness, maternity, accident at work or accident on the way to/from work) are entered in this infotype in cases of a reconciliation period other than the payroll period.


Each instance of attendance or absence is sent to ADP in the form of an attendance record specifying the reason for the absence/attendance and, where applicable, the number of hours of absence/attendance and the number of hours worked.

The system checks the value entered in Attendance/Absence Code.

If several instances of attendance/absence exist for one day, myERP SAP HCM Payroll France will provide the corresponding number of attendance/absence records.


The program Batch input for Attendance/absence data infotype (RPB436FI) is used to load this infotype from a FSED format file.

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