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 Maintaining Joint Venture/Well Data


Use this function to enter and display data that corresponds with a particular joint venture/well combination, such as operator data or reference numbers.


Changing Joint Venture/Well Data

At the SAP Easy Access screen, choose LogisticsProduction and Revenue AccountingProduction, Tax and Royalty ReportingTax ReportingNew Tax ReportingTax reporting master maintenance.


At the Prod. Unit – Master tab, in the Agency field, enter the agency ID for which you will maintain data for the joint venture and well.

Choose the JV/Well - Changes tab.

In the Reporting Parameters section of the screen, enter the reporting parameters, including the reporting year and month, which are the year and month last used to generate a report for the parameters.

In the Effective from section of the screen, enter the year and the month in which the data will become effective for the joint venture/well combination. Then from the header area of the screen, choose Create .

From within the JV/Well – Changes tab, choose Append row .

An editable blank row appears in the tab.

Enter the company code, venture, division of interest, and well data. Then enter the operator and reference numbers, or other applicable data, in order to link it to the venture/well combination.

To link another set of data to the venture/well combination, choose Append row . Continue to choose Append row as many times as required.

Save your entries.

Displaying Joint Venture/Well Data

Select the JV/Well – Changes tab. Then enter the reporting parameters, the effective from year, and the effective from month for which you want to review records.

To display any records that match the criteria that you entered, choose Execute .

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