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 Shoyo Payment Summary Form (RPCSHAJ0)


With this report, you can display information necessary to fill Shoyo Payment Summary Form that should be submitted to Social Insurance Office together with Shoyo Payment Form.


  • Shoyo payroll accounting that is to be reported must be completed.


  • Specify for which insurance type ( Health insurance & Pension or Pension only ) Shoyo Payment Summary data is to be displayed.

  • This report uses ALV (ABAP List Viewer) to display the result. It is also possible to define customer specific list display variant and specify it on the selection screen of the report. ( SAP is not delivering a sample display variant.)


  1. As select conditions, you need to specify Target Year, Month, Shoyo payment date , insurance type ( Health insurance & Pension or Pension only ) and Social Insurance Modifier for Target Branch Office ( SI Mod. of Target Br. Office ).

    Note Note

    If there are more than one Shoyo payment dates in a month, the last Shoyo payment date must be specified.

    End of the note.
  2. Specify the ALV list variant in List variant .

  3. Execute the report.

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